Food diary, November 02, 2010

I must admit – I am a snack addict.

This is a roundabout way of saying that I had another digestive biscuit before I went to bed last night.

Breakfast. You may notice that once I take a liking to something, I eat it a LOT.

Mug of tea; two homebaked scones with olive spread and apricot jam; grapefruit pieces.

Mid-morning snack. Not very healthy one.

Two mini-Daim! I happen to have a recipe for making Daim bars. Dangerous.

Lunch! I almost exploded the fish by turning the heat up too high, but fortunately managed to remove the pan fast enough.

Right, this is a (wholemeal) pasta salad with little gem lettuce, cherry tomatoes tossed in sauteed red onions and sardines. Liberally be-basiled, be-paprika'd and peppered.

The orange dollops on top are “African Hot Chakalaka Relish”. Which apparently is a mixture of hot curry, peri-peri and spicy tomato sauce. Tasty in moderation. Will give you a small shock if eaten neat.

Now, I got quite busy in the afternoon/evening, and eating became mildly erratic…

Mid-afternoon snack. Vanilla yoghurt with chocolate coated crispy spheres.

I was really hungry after my walk, so took this photo after eating. Got some funny looks off people in the cafe.

Carrying on…

To clear up: I had one wholemeal pitta straight after the yoghurt, and had this one, and the coffee, around dinnertime.

What next?

An apple and a plum. Eaten in reverse order.


Three mini halloween haribo sweets. Because they were offered to me.

Anything else?

Bowl of hi-bran with 1% fat milk and 5 dried apricots. Yes, five.

I do seem to be munching on lots of dried apricots when I put food together. They are just so tasty!

Thought on today’s food is… probably that I should structure my eating habits better, including eating between meals. And that I want a midnight snack again.


2 thoughts on “Food diary, November 02, 2010

    1. Well, I am already missing out things like water. When I look back, I do think that it is things like the mini-daim and the haribos that would take me over RDAs, as I HOPE my meals are reasonably balanced…

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