Food diary, November 01, 2010

Today’s date is a palindrome.

Now that that is cleared up, let us have a look at today’s intake. It should be added that I drink around 1.5l of water a day (i.e. I must refill my 500ml bottle thrice – it is a good way of keeping track) in addition to other beverages. Also, I munched a a handful of dried apricots while heating my dinner as I was too hungry and forgot to take a picture.


Two scones, homebaked; with "light" olive spread; tea with milk (later decanted); and grapefruit pieces in syrup, one portion of 5-a-day's worth.

My dearly beloved.

The decanted tea. I love my travel mug.

Mid-morning snack.

An apple. Which earned me my first quizzical, why-are-you-photographing-your-food look.

Lunch, for me, should be the biggest meal of the day.

The dangers of being pulled into Subway. A ham and sour-cream-and-chives sandwich on wholemeal bread; a cappuccino with two jiggers of milk; a packet of wholegrain crisps, and a nutty chocolate doughtnut. And it was good.

Guilty afternoon snack.

What it says on the packet. It was overly sweet.

Now, what actually happened was that I felt full up at lunch, and saved the crisps, which were consumed a while after the above snack to bridge the gap between it (^) and my postponed dinner.

Post-lecture drinks reception. Orange juice. I had two of those.


A bowl (fine, a whole tin) of mixed beans - kidney, borlotti, butter, haricot, cannellini - in tomato sauce with pepper and basil; three digestive biscuits.

Gosh that looks unappetising. My first impression is that I need to invest in healthier snacks, and spend more time cooking.

Also, let it be known that I shall be drinking a large mug (see breakfast) of 1% fat milk before bed.

Good night folks. Stay healthy, stay classy.


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