Technology and Children 1

There is chance I have mentioned him before – I have a younger brother. I am 13 3/4 years his senior. We share a love/hate relationship that is fairly distinct to siblings and argue a lot on top of that – yes, despite my supposedly being a “grown-up” – but naturally have a lot in common.

A little penchant for what the industry professionals may or may not refer to as “tecchy hoo-ha” falls into our shared interests. Lately, he has been fairly insistent that machines can see better than humans, because their resolution can be measured in pixels. I try to explain that even if the resolution of human sight could be measure, it would not be even over the surface area of each eye. That is even before we get to the fact that the brain is connected to the brain, from whence we get the notion of perception. We can draw inferences about our surroundings from the image that we perceive, whereas cameras merely record it.

Does anybody have anything to add or subtract to either side of this argument? Perhaps you have an experience of trying to explain science to a young person? Let me know!


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