Home-baked bread and home-grown vegetables 3

Devastation. Despite the attempts to protect the little plants from unpredicatble weather, the rapid changes outdid my precautions. The plants are no more.

However, I am now more determined than ever to succeed in harvesting at least one little vegetable this season. Most people in the Northern Hemisphere will probably have felt a wave of heat in the past weekend and decided that summer has come; I celebrated with a little jig and by slurping my first Calippo of the year. However, global warming has apparently decided that it will be eight degrees Celsius on Tuesday. EIGHT. On the gardening front, that puts me back to square one with “when do I sow the seeds”?

Well! The current idea is to sow seedlings in the conservatory – acting greenhouse, so that I will not have to wander outside first thing in the morning – as it receives copious amounts of morning sun to be sufficiently hot, regardless of outside temperature. Then prepare some more pots with Tomorite.

I admit that the bread-front has been pretty lacking lately, but I feel like making flatbreads to embrace the somewhat warmer airs, and recipe recommendations?


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