Girl, meet blender

I like food, there is absolutely no doubt about that. I also like gadgetry, so it is a total wonder that I have not owned a blender until last week. Just a small one, cheap and cheerful from Homebase.

After the compulsory rinsing, I started to think about what I was going to make.

Stripy scales
If I had these scales, I might weigh myself more often.

Might as well confess that I have always had weight issues, not extreme ones, more of the kind that I have always been sitting right on top of what is acceptable weight for my height. Although apparently I do not look like that is the case, which is both nice and irritating. I believe I lead a fairly healthy lifestyle, with balanced and varied meals, and regular exercise. All of this generally yields little difference to my weight. Each time I decide to increase the amount of exercise I do (non-believer in diets), I lose inches and gain weight, presumably because I gain muscle, which is heavier than fat.

Recently I registered with a new GP, had to face a weigh-in again, and yes, I am still overweight. So, I have decided that I shall maintain my exercise regime (core strength exercises + 3 mile run/power walk, ~5 times a week), but to try out a bunch of crazy diets I have found about.

This is where the blender comes in (bet you were starting to wonder). Apparently food, consumed a viscous fluid fills you up for longer than solid food with a beverage (no, I am NOT going to blend my OJ with roast chicken), because your digestive system drains out liquids much faster than solids, meaning your stomach will start to feel not-so-full again much faster. Viscous liquids however, hit that middle stage where the stomach needs to take its time digesting the whole thing. So I am thinking thick soups or blended casserole-y things.

Good intentions aside, I could not help to take the blender to town on its first outing. After a quick supermarket run, I decided to try out what tastes good blended together: (mishaps not listed)


Glass of milk, one banana

Glass of milk, one banana, tbsp of cocoa powder

Fizzy vitamin C tablet dissolved in water, one apple, one carrot

Fizzy vitamin C tablet dissolved in water, two apples

Food (season with salt and pepper to taste)

Boiled peas, spring onions (pan fry these!), chicken stock

Cauliflower, chicken stock, fried red onion, green chillies

Ham, peas, mashed potatoes, chicken stock

… and counting. The good thing is that you can vary the quantities of each ingredient to change the over consistency of the food. Can you recommend things that taste good blended together? Let me know!


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