In-car discussion of the day – air transport for the masses

So, the family is in the car driving home from supermarket trip, when father and brother recall a conversation they previously have had – how to transport mahoossive numbers of people by air, but not by means already conceived and in use. (In short, aeroplanes.)

Their idea: a central control-hub, surrounded by people-carrying hubs, each of the same capacity as jumbojets. Propelled up into super-high altitudes like skittles. Then, the carrier-hubs will start to rotate about the vertical axis going through the central hub, acting like a fan that counter-acts gravity. Smaller ion-thrusters propel the craft through the much thinner atmosphere, and the whole thing ‘floats’ towards the destination.

Now, how on Earth (get it?) do we land this thing? Or will it get stolen by an astronomical baby-giant?


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