Attention spans…

…mine is, admittedly, pretty short. I cannot help it though, as I am always worried I am missing out on something funy elsewhere if I stay on/in one topic/area for too long.

*goes to listen to a track preview*

Now, as childish as it is (alongside having a short attention span), I try to follow the televised Christmas calendar on Swedish television each year. It is very much an institution, having seen its first broadcast in 1960, and being very cleverly scheduled at breakfast time everyday from the 1st to the 24th December. Yes, accommodating the fact that children (key demographic) get up later during the weekend.

Having gone through some statistics, it seems that series with a mystery plot end up with a large following. Is this because it is easier to write clever cliffhangers into each episode? Or is it the general air of the theme that keeps the show more enticing?

This year’s calendar has a superhero theme. They do include the aforementioned clever cliffhangers, yet some polls show that children do not find it, erm, “impressive” enough. Given that some children are young enough to be contained in the key demographic, but old enough to watch films such as “Transformers”, is the CGI world completely demolishing the charm of old school performances? Paying due credit to performance of course – personally I shall stay neutral, but I know plenty of people who think “not much” of the acting contributions in films such as “Transformers”.

This leads to the ultimate question (for the day): are the impulsive, impressive CGI effects better at maintaining children’s attention, or is a well written story still superior in the long run?


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