In the news today…3

Parents guilty until proven innocent? Surely not.

However, if Ofsted are to have it their way, parents who choose to home school their children will be facing Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks before they are given permission – to check that they are not paedophiles or abusive, etc. Which sort of makes sense, as the majority of children who have experienced one or other form of physical abuse during childhood had experienced ‘some degree of physical abuse’ by parents or carers. (NSPCC Facts and Figures page)

Only I do not think this move in particular will make them more popular, especially following the babysitting ban posed on the two female police officers, which the Children’s Minister eventually sent for review.

The purpose of this proposal seems to be to catch anybody who is a genuine danger to a child, and those who say they are home schooling, but are not actually carrying out that duty. Proper home schoolers (who potentially do a better job than some actual schools), will get caught in the middle, and people will moan.

Question is, if they want to do a CRB check, why not do it before a couple has children? After all, couples who adopt are inspected; same-sex couples are inspected; foster families are inspected, so why not heterosexual couples too? Hows’about some forward planning eh? (Apart from the fact that people will moan. Again.)


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