In the news today…2

“Somali adulterer stoned to death”

…reads the headline.

(A bit delayed, but go on.)

Which makes for an article that may not rouse too much suspicion other than the chosen execution method.

What bothers me is that they plan on stoning the mother of the child (the girlfriend of the “adulterer”) after she has given birth. The baby will then be given to relatives to raise.

If that is their culture, I shall not comment on it, because I do not have thorough understanding of how Somalia is run as a country, and frankly, after this, I am not sure I want to know.

However, from a western point of view on children’s rights, even before this child is born, they are preparing for it a very disappointing life. I simply do not see the reasoning behind depriving it of its birth mother as well as its father, “adultery” or not.

Furthermore, it is  estimated that there are over 143 million orphans in the world today (, why purposefully add to that number, at all?


One thought on “In the news today…2

  1. You can’t comment on the execution of a man and later a woman by stoning for extramarital sex?

    Frankly, I feel perfectly justified in saying that it’s barbaric, regardless of their “culture”.

    “A 13-year-old girl was stoned to death for adultery in the southern town of Kismayo last year.”

    Really? A 13 year old adulterer? 13 year old victim of rape? I don’t care how the place is run or what religious beliefs they have. It’s still barbaric.

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