Fractals. Gimme a “what what”!

For those who do not believe in the beauty of mathematics: fractals are geometric shapes that can be split into fragments, each of which is a very similar replica of the image as a whole. They contain very fine detail on VERY small scales, and can rarely be described by common (Euclidean) geometry.

These can be found in many places, such as my new banner, which has been adapted from THIS very cool website. Another favourite is broccoli, of which the following picture is a fine example.

Edible mathematics

I am doing many product placements this time around, am I not? Well, while I am at it…

ChaosPro, for the really hardcore fans out there, is a fractal generator, capable of creating three dimensional fractals as a form of art, or just for your own pleasure.

That will be it for now, because it is late, I am tired, and I have a packed day ahead.


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