Blog blockage with a helping of GCSE banter

As unlikely as it seems, I live an actual life in the real world, and have been busy in the past week.

Also in the real world, GCSE results have recently been released, and an unprecedented number of students are celebrating academic success. Well done!

Although there are critics among us who claim that the reason behind this is the unprecedented ease with which an A*-C grade can be achieved at this level of study.

I know of former fellow secondary school pupils who did indeed breeze through this part of education without bringing the tensile stress to their cranium to extremes, but I remember feeling really quite stressed for these exams. Now looking back, I could probably, no arrogance intended, have fitted in an extra extra-curricular sport to my then-schedule without compromising my results.

In fact, I felt this way already at the halfway stage between AS and A2. So, why is it, that never until we have moved on to the next part of our lives, do we realise how good we had it? And why do some of us, self included, cease to understand the struggles of yesteryear once it has passed? Is it just because we are too busy lamenting our current lifestyles?

Perhaps so. For now, I think we should leave the poor, hormonal souls of 15 – 16 year olds alone as it will soon dawn upon them that while the pressure may have pushed them to achieve their maximum potential, there is more to come.


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