Hello world!

Yes. Hello indeed. Cutting straight to the chase: science – is for nerds, is it not? If so, then I for one, am an out and proud nerd.

Compared to, say, fifty years ago, science education appears to have severly lost its lustre. Perhaps not because it has ceased to be important (it SO has not), or even due a general lack of interest (which I am certain is untrue).

I believe it has more to do with the fact that the natural sciences – physics, chemistry and biology (ranked in order of “coolness”) – are classically considered “hard subjects”, that only bookworms and extremely short-sighted people pop their corks at. Again, not true. Science is for everybody. Maybe not suitable for ages 0-3 due to small parts though.

Taking a random sweep around the educational section of any bookshop, I have found that some (primarily CGP, but they do seem to be the most popular) of the current editions of GCSE revision guides have shrunk the three aforementioned subjects into a single book, that is only marginally larger than the revision guide for e.g. physical education (no offence there).

Furthermore, not only are the contents lacking in pure science (albeit Newton’s laws, the breakdown of crude oil,  and the Nitrogen cycle are awarded their due pages, do not worry), they were spread thick and greasy with social science. Issues such as obesity (in the social sense), over-population and how to press olive oil could potentially make a difference to a young person’s life, but I am certain that these young people are in these particular classes to learn the real thing, and not the watered down version.

This blog does not wish to, in any way imaginable, take a stab at other fields of study; my aim is to provide an online science resource that goes straight to page 1, no foreword. As I am still new to this, and only exploring my own interests and ideas, the theme of each post may vary wildly, but please persevere, and maybe this could be the start of something excellent (no arrogance intended).

Now I realise that I have effectively composed a foreword despite what I have written above. Oh well. First “real” post – “Why magnesium does not make the Earth orbit the Sun”*, coming up soon.

*Idea courtesy of a Young Person whose exam paper I marked a year ago, which partially inspired this blog. Thank you.


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